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We are item

item is an international company based in Solingen, Germany, and has been pioneering the development of industrial building kti systems since 1976. Based on a wide range of aluminum profiles and coordinated fasteners, we develop and distribute components and systems for constructing machinery, factory equipment, and plant facilities. Our product range continues to grow, year on year, as more and more modular additions are incorporated, many of which have been developed in close collaboration with our customers. It is a building kit principle with endless possibilities. This principle has traveled all around the world – but item is where it started.

Because your ideas are worth it.®


Always think modular

What would happen if we built frame structures from aluminum instead of steel and used screw fixings instead of welds? It was a question nobody had asked before. It was also the spark that ignited the MB Building Kit System from item – and set in motion a global revolution in specialist mechanical engineering. It was in 1976, in Germany, that the first components of the item product portfolio were developed – a portfolio that has since grown to encompass over 4000 articles. This range now includes individual components for specialist mechanical engineering, the ergonomic Work Bench System, the Lean Production Building Kit System for streamlined material flows and much more besides.
All the systems are mutually compatible, which ensures your idea can be translated into the perfect solution.


Put us to the test!

No matter your budget, lean manufacturing specs or ergonomic goals, item can make it happen.
Let us show you how, together, we can turn our quality aluminum modules into everything from heavy-duty structures, sub-structures and machine bases to guards, frames, industrial workbenches, custom specialty enclosures and more.
Share with us your challenge and we’ll work with you to develop the perfect solution.


item is a proud Member of:

A3 - Association for Advancing Automation
Association for High Technology Distribution