Lock System 6-8 enables the use of commercially available mortise locks to DIN 18251 (pin dimension 65 mm) and profile cylinders of locking systems.
It is suitable for locking swing and sliding doors from Profiles 6 or 8 and a combination of both Lines. The profile frame does not need to be machined for holding the Lock System.
The screws concealed when the door is locked prevent the Lock System from being dismantled by unauthorized persons.
Its versatile fastening options mean that Lock System 6-8 can be fitted to both right-opening and left-opening doors and to the inside and outside of doors. The lock can be chosen to suit the specific function.
Profile Cylinder - 0.0.458.42

  • Cylinder matt nickel-plated, all keys identical
  • Countersunk Screw M5x80, St
  • 3 keys