• Automatic Fastener 8 N, St, black
  • 2 caps, PA grey
  • Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw M6x32, St, bright zinc-plated
  • T-Slot Nut V 8 St M6, bright zinc-plated

Automatic-Fastening Set 8 NO D40 - 0.0.493.91

Automatic-Fastening Set 8 N D40 can be used for connecting Profiles 8 D40 with other Profiles 8 D40, or for connecting Profiles 8 with rectangular cross-sections if an Adapter 8 D40 (Section 1.2 Accessories for Profiles) is used. When using this Automatic-Fastening Set with open-groove profiles, the profiles require no processing – the self-tapping Automatic Fastener is simply screwed into the profile groove from the end face.
When using Profiles 8 with closed grooves, a 20 mm dia. mounting bore must be drilled at a distance of 40 mm from the end face in order to access the fastening screw.
The length of the screw in Automatic-Fastening Set 8 NO D40 is matched to the thickness of Adapter 8 D40. The full length of the thread is therefore available in order to ensure that the maximum fastening force is applied.