The straightforward storage surface on work benches.
Simply slot item Shelf 8 into a Line 8 profile groove, secure it in place and then use it to store loads up to 50 kg!
Since shelves can be used in a variety of ways, you can choose between a flat surface and one with an all-round edge.
Shelves 8 200 and 320 make things particularly easy. Available pre-assembled in a width of 600 mm, all you have to do is unpack them, slot them into place and start using them!

Shelf 8 320-600 - 0.0.626.97


  • Shelf 8 320, Al, natural
  • Shelf Cap Set 8 320, St, white aluminum
  • 2 grub screws DIN 916-M5x6, St, bright zinc-plated