Multiblock PA is inserted into the profile groove at any position.
Light cladding panels and panel elements made from Acrylic Glass, Plastic or Compound Material must be provided with a bore at the appropriate location and screwed to the Multiblock.
Multiblock PA has two mounting locations plus a height adjuster which combine to give four offset positions from the edge of the profile. This allows different distances to be set to the edge of the profile so that panel elements of varying thicknesses can be screwed on flush.
The panels are secured by screw connection with the square nut inserted in the Multiblock. This nut can be moved within a slot, a fact that allows a considerable degree of tolerance for the position of the bores in the panel element.

Multiblock 8 PA, grey - 0.0.630.28

  • Basic unit and height adjuster, PA-GF
  • Square nut DIN 557-M6, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Spring clip, St, stainless

The Multiblocks can be used to provide a secure method of fastening any panel elements to the groove:

  • Rapid and secure assembly or disassembly at a later stage
  • Fastening at any position on the profile groove and the panel element
  • Suitable for various loads
  • Option of screwless or screw-type fastener
  • Can be adapted for use with different panel element thicknesses