his version of Castor D125 swivel incorporates a connecting plate as standard. These swivel castors can be secured in place without the need for additional base plates or transport plates. The three holes in the modular dimension of 40 mm make it easy to screw the castors to the core bore of Profiles 8 or various profile grooves (particularly recommended for frames built using Line 8 and 10 profiles).
The swivel castor with connecting plate is the same height as a swivel castor with fixing holes. As a result, it can be combined with fixed castors of the same castor size.
All the designs are also available in antistatic/electrostatically dissipative versions for ESD applications.
Castor D125 swivel 120x40 - 0.0.633.46

  • Steel sheet casing bright zinc-plated, black
  • Swivelling axis with sealed ball bearing
  • Wheel axis with sealed ball bearing
  • Dust shield
  • Tyre TPE, track-free, 80 Sh A, grey