• Casing, die-cast Al
  • Steel cable, ø 2 mm St, stainless
  • Securing loop: Sheathed steel cable ø 2 mm, St, stainless
  • steel cable clamp, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Spring Hook, St
  • Notes on Use and Installation

Tool Balancer Out of the way but standing by: item Tool Balancers ensure tools are in easy reach for employees. When not required, the Tool Balancer automatically removes the tool from the immediate working area. An adjustable stop allows users to tailor the default height of the device to their needs. Precisely adjustable retraction force takes considerable strain off staff when working with heavy tools. An arrester mechanism is also integrated as standard.
Tool Balancers are available for 0.4 to 14 kg and should be selected according to the weight of the tools involved.