a = 80 mm b = 80 mm c = 4 mm
Conduit Cap 80x80 with Cable Entry Protector, black - 0.0.638.39

No more fiddly edge protection that flies off every time cabling is changed.
The systematic closure for all cable conduits with a screw channel for fastening Caps (Conduits SE 40×40 and SE 80×80 and the Modular Conduit System).
Two-part Conduit Caps with Cable Entry Protector remain attached to the conduit, but still allow additional cables or hoses to be added or removed. Once the Lid Profile has been replaced, the removable part of the cap safely covers the edge of the lid and protects the cables within the conduit.
Recommended screws: Self-Tapping Screw DIN 7981 St 4.2×9.5 (