• Automatic angle bracket 8 40×40, die-cast Al, white aluminum similar to RAL 9006
  • 2 automatic T-slot screws M8x11, St, bright zinc-plated
  • 2 countersunk nuts M8x6, St, bright zinc-plated

 Automatic Angle Bracket Set 8 80x80 Al - 0.0.642.56
The fastest profile connection ever – automatic angle brackets and automatic flat brackets from item.
These innovative fasteners are fully preassembled and ready for use.
Simply fit them in place and the screws slot into the correct position. Tighten the screws and that’s it, the profiles are held in place without the need for additional T-Slot Nuts.
Automatic Flat Bracket Sets and Automatic Angle Bracket Sets virtually install themselves. No threads need to be tapped and profiles don’t need to be machined. The fasteners can be inserted at any point along a Line 8 groove and can be reused and re-positioned whenever required. All you need to do is turn the screws.
Simply slot the angle and flat brackets with preassembled automatic T-slot screws into a Line 8 groove.
Tighten the nut and that’s it – the fastest profile connection ever.
Recommended tightening torque: 20 Nm