The alternative for all tube constructions that need to be electrically non-conductive and allow electromagnetic waves to pass through.
Stable, weatherproof and made predominantly of renewable raw materials (> 70 percent wood), this innovative composite material is also suitable for users who need tubes that are easy to process and versatile. The wall thickness of 11.6 mm also means that panel elements can be screwed directly to the tube wall using wood screws.
Fastener D30 and a Tube Adapter D30 are used to create connections with Tubes KH D30x11.6 in exactly the same way as for aluminum Tubes D30.
To create end-face connections, Button-Head Screw KH 8×55, TX30 (0.0.642.17) can be driven into the core bore of Tube KH without the need for any preliminary machining.

Tube KH D30x11.6, anthracite - 0.0.643.71