Continuous improvement made easy!
Fasteners with Clamp Lever are ideal for making quick adjustments to assemblies and attaching or removing (Profile) Tubes. They make it easier to create test structures and implement ergonomic adjustments on work benches.
Two quickly adjustable Fasteners are available – Fastener D30 with Clamp Lever and Parallel Fastener D30-60 with Clamp Lever.
Locking Ring D30 with Clamp Lever acts as a quickly adjustable stop on all (Profile) Tubes D30, making it easy to modify the stroke of Karakuri/LCA applications by moving the stops for item Plain Bearings. Weights can also be fixed in place or released with a flick of the wrist.
Clamp Levers boast the ergonomic, easy-to-grip shape of the design award-winning Pi range of operating elements. As the grip can be disconnected by pressing the button, it can be rotated into the desired position even if space is tight.
Fasteners with Clamp Lever can also serve as assembly aids by marking out fastener positions. When fasteners need to be repeatedly repositioned, Parallel Fastener with Clamp Lever can easily be fitted alongside them to mark their original positions.


  • 2 fastener halves, die-cast Al, natural
  • Clamp Lever Pi 50 M6x40
  • Spacer sleeve D9.5/6.4-12
  • Hexagon nut DIN 934 M6-8, St, bright zinc-plated

Fastener D30 with Clamp Lever - 0.0.644.77