The compact Roller Guide with the best load-to-size ratio of all item drive elements.

  • Light, quiet-running rollers arranged in a criss-cross pattern for high speed
  • Innovative track technology – high-strength steel tracks rigidly connected to the aluminum guide profile
  • Solid, rigid sliding carriage with a broad range of attachment options and integrated timing-belt clamp profile
  • Drive Unit with internal reversing mechanism to give the smoothest possible movement when working with low moving mass
  • Three Profile 8 grooves on three sides of the KRF guide profile ensure unbeatable flexibility for attachment geometries
  • Simple adjustment with minimum maintenance requirements, all elements externally accessible
  • Axes of customized length, guide length up to max. 6000 mm
  • Motors can be adapted using universal coupling elements in the Drive Set

Linear Unit KRF is augmented by a range of useful accessories that enable simple attachment of slide constructions and drive modules.

 Linear Unit KRF 8 80x40 ZR, left-hand input shaft - 0.0.641.21
Eight rollers, arranged play-free in a criss-cross pattern, ensure maximum load-carrying capacity with compact size.