When you need to fit a square component to a cylindrical profile, Adapter 6 30×30/D30 is the answer. Simply screw it to a Profile 6 D30 to produce a level surface for securely connecting accessories with a flat surface.
Adapter 6 30x30/D30, natural - 0.0.656.32

The Adapter utilizes the groove in Profile 6 D30, allowing users to connect panel elements and components from the MB Building Kit System with a screw and a T-Slot Nut M6. The universal anti-torsion features on the flat side provide additional hold, which means that a hinge or Keyboard Arm can be securely attached to a Profile 6 D30 at a right angle.
Note: If using Automatic Fasteners and the Adapter to connect the end face of a Line 6 profile to a Profile 6 D30, remember to factor in the 5 mm thickness of the Adapter when selecting screws.