They hold in place without lifting up.
Brackets 8 D30 and 6 D30 are used to form a stable connection where a tube of diameter 30 crosses any flat-face profile featuring a Line 8 or 6 groove.
The Brackets are very shallow and yet extremely torsion resistant.
This makes them ideal for securing Roller Conveyor 6 40×40 E D30 and Castor Rail 8 40×40 to D30 tube constructions, for example.

Bracket 6 D30 - 0.0.658.26

  • Bracket, St
  • 2 T-Slot Nuts 6 St M6, St, bright zinc-plated
  • 2 Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws DIN 912-M6x12, St, bright zinc-plated