The sturdy Roller Tracks 100 D4 can be used to design custom roller conveyors.
Roller Tracks are basically used to fix roller elements in Castor Rails 6 40×40 (0.0.651.29) and 6 80×40 (0.0.662.36). They are also used as spare parts for Roller Conveyors 6.
They are exceptionally easy to use: The Roller Tracks are slotted into the end-face of a Castor Rail, where they are held in place without the need for any screws. Each roller element can then be individually inserted and replaced – with no need for any tools.
There is a Roller Track for every roller element.

Roller Track 100 D4-12.5 ESD, black similar to RAL 9005 - 0.0.662.48