The Tool Pivot Arm features four support profiles, each with Line 8 grooves that can be used to mount a wide range of accessories such as Hooks, Holders, Tool Holders and Magnetic Holders.
Thanks to vertical adjustment options, the support profiles can be moved to accommodate tools in various sizes. With grooves on all sides of the profiles, the Pivot Arm is exceptionally versatile and can even be fitted with tools on both sides. As a result, users can switch from one set of tools to another by turning the tool holder 180°.
Tool Pivot Arm 8 80-370 holds tools and equipment up to a total weight of 40 kg.
Tool Double Pivot Arm 8 80-695 features an additional joint that increases the range of possible adjustments even further. Maximum load-carrying capacity is 25 kg.

Tool Double Pivot Arm 8 80-695 - 0.0.664.15

  • Pivot Arm 8 80-695 with height-adjustment mechanism
  • 4 Profiles 8 40×40 E 250 mm, Al, anodized
  • Profile 8 40×40 E 300 mm, Al, anodized
  • Screws and fastening elements