Turning on a pin.
Plain Bearings D40/D30 are the basis for low-cost automation (LCA). Plain Bearings support a rotating motion because Profile Tube D40/D30 encompasses the load-bearing D30 profile and can be rotated around its longitudinal axis without generating friction. The Plain Bearing Sleeve is made of maintenance-free plastic that exhibits a low coefficient of friction and excellent rigidity.
This low-cost solution opens up huge potential because item Plain Bearings can be integrated into a frame very easily and require very little installation space. Profiles and accessories can be connected to Profile Tube D40/30 as usual. All standard fasteners and D30 components fit to it, which minimises stockkeeping requirements.

Plain Bearing D40/D30-50 ESD - 0.0.665.36

  • 2 Plain Bearing Sleeves D40/D30 ESD
  • Profile Tube D40/D30, 40 mm, Al, anodized