According to DGUV Regulation 108-007 (previously BGR 234), when a rack is loaded from a forklift or other freely steerable machinery and/or is located on a route used by such machinery, its corner areas must be protected by a mechanical cover. The robust item Collision Guard L is anchored to the ground and acts as a fixed guard to stop vehicles colliding with the rack. The L-shaped Collision Guard is 405 mm high.
Collision Guard L is not joined to the rack. It provides added safety in areas where there is a high risk of collisions due to turning vehicles and trolleys. The black & yellow hazard markings draw attention to the guard unit in line with ASR A 1.3.

Collision Guard L With Hazard Markings - 0.0.665.48

  • Collision Guard L, St, signal yellow similar to RAL 1003
  • Hazard Markings 375×295 SA