It offers better protection than any foam tube!
Protective Profile D30 R28-90° envelops the flank of a Profile Tube to provide permanently flexible impact protection, while leaving all other flanks and areas freely accessible.
Its closed TPE surface has no open pores and is very easy to clean.
To ensure optimum protection, this item innovation uses a special chamber that deforms to absorb an impact. Afterwards, the flexible plastic returns to its original shape. Unlike with foam, point loads do not result in permanent indentations. The Protective Profile is therefore ideal for use under work pieces that are particularly prone to scratching, so they can be transported without being damaged.
They are exceptionally easy to fit. Simply clip Protective Profile directly to the Profile Tube – no drilling or gluing required. The tried-and-tested undercut for clamping into the grooves easily withstands the typical bumps and scrapes of day-to-day work. If it needs to be replaced, or if the structure needs to be modified, the Protective Profile is easy to remove, leaving no trace behind, and it just clips back into place.

Protective Profile D30 R28-90°, grey similar to RAL 7042 - 0.0.667.15