Can you have a footing that is rock solid, and yet movable?
You can with the item Jacking Castor! This product combines a castor with a height-adjustable, non-slip knuckle foot. It enables personnel to move work benches, laboratory equipment and racks to precisely where they are needed. And when they get there, the integrated knuckle foot is simply lowered into position to ensure nothing shakes around or slips.
Jacking Castors D62 are designed to accommodate loads up to 3400 N. The height adjustment function can be operated via an integrated adjustment wheel or using a wrench (17 A/F). The knuckle foot can compensate for a difference in height of up to 12 mm.
Jacking Castor D62 120×120 features a universal connecting plate that is compatible with frames made of Line 8 profiles.

Jacking Castor D62 120x120 - 0.0.667.44

  • Housing, die-cast Al, powder-coated RAL 9006 white aluminum
  • Plate, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Knuckle Foot, NBR, black
  • Castor, PA, black