ergologistic® Grab Containers 8 105×130 support rapid material supply and ergonomics at the work bench by keeping everything in easy reach and ensuring even the smallest of parts can be quickly sorted.ergologistic® Grab Containers 8 105x130

Thanks to their integrated mounting system, Grab Containers can be easily installed on any Tray Stop Profile 8 50×10 (0.0.664.34), Supply Profile 8 180×50 (0.0.664.51) or horizontal Line 8 groove – and they can be just as easily removed and positioned in even closer reach on the working surface.
Colored variants make it easier for users to differentiate contents intuitively, and an ESD-safe design is suitable for use in EPAs.
The clearly visible labelling field ensures personnel can quickly and clearly identify contents.
Compared to conventional methods that require unnecessary movements and thus waste time, this picking concept demonstrably improves cycle times and therefore productivity.