The easier way to pull lightweight trolleys!
Thanks to its low dead weight, Drawbar D25-610 is ideal for transport trolleys and tugger trains that are also light in weight.
Even when uncoupled, the trolley will not tip.
The ergonomic self-lifting mechanism on Drawbar D25-610 is easy on the back. Its integrated spring pushes the Drawbar up, which means users can couple and uncouple trolleys using their feet and without having to bend over. If the Drawbar is not needed, it folds up automatically so that it doesn’t present a trip hazard.
The compatible Drawbar Coupling D25-30 completes the system so that several transport trolleys can be securely interconnected.
Drawbar D25-610 - 0.0.674.29

  • Drawbar D25-610, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Impact Buffer M8 D30x30

Ensure the correct combination of Drawbar and Coupling are used.
When using the larger Drawbar D25-686, you must also use the corresponding Drawbar Coupling D25-74, because the pin of Coupling D25-30 is located at a different working height.