The helpful Roller now available in an electrostatically dissipative version!
Roller D46/D30-20 ESD uses a D30 profile as an axis. It guides crates and goods safely through the frame and protects the containers and profile at the same time. If necessary, its vertical or horizontal position can be fixed using Fastening Ring D40/D30-10 ESD.

Roller D46/D30-20 ESD is used to provide side guidance (e.g. in Karakuri/LCA applications) or to support crossing points on roller conveyors. As it has the same conveying height as the item roller conveyors, the Roller can be installed between angled sections of roller conveyor by being mounted directly to the same support profile that the Roller Conveyor Fastening Brackets are fixed to. This further reduces the gap and ensures gentler, more reliable travel.
Roller D46/D30-20 ESD rotates on a Tube D30 or Profile Tube D30 and does not need to be lubricated. Static charges generated by friction on the plastic roller are dissipated through the profile.
Roller D46/D30-20 ESD, black similar to RAL 9005 - 0.0.674.60