Helps when those all-important last few millimetres are missing! Thanks to Adapter D30/D28.6, you can combine existing constructions with Profile Tube System D30.
The Adapters are available in lengths of 25 and 37 mm. As a result, old steel tubes with plastic sheathing can also be held securely in place with the state-of-the-art die-cast aluminum fastening technology from Profile Tube System D30.
Note: Please note the load limits, which – due to the system being used – are lower than when using Fastener D30 with (Profile) Tube D30.
Adapter D30/D28.6-37, grey similar to RAL 7042

When using Adapter D30/D28.6-37, it couldn’t be easier to make the transition to a whole new dimension. Simply attach the Adapter to the tube (⌀ 28.6 mm), place a Tube Adapter D30 over it and the way is clear for extending your old structure using the innovative Profile Tube System D30.
Adapter D30/D28.6-37, grey similar to RAL 7042