Extra light and extra strong!
Linear Unit LRE 8 D10 80×40 ZS K light uses a rack made of high-strength plastic. As a result, it is ideal for moving medium loads securely and quickly.
The Linear Unit features a low dead weight and excellent safety for vertical movements. The modular rack is made of fibre-glass reinforced plastic. It is safely concealed in the groove of a Profile 8 light and exhibits high rigidity and low coefficients of friction. The plastic ensures stability, smooth travel and corrosion resistance. The slide runs on a high-strength Double-Bearing Unit and hardened steel Shafts.
The low mass of the Support Profile and rack enable impressive dynamics, even during lifting movements. This combination is also a very economical solution for many tasks. Linear Unit LRE 8 D14 80×40 ZS with a metal rack is available as a rack system for moving larger masses.
Linear Unit LRE 8 D10 80×40 ZS K is supplied ready-to-install in the desired length. The plastic rack can also be ordered separately to build custom solutions.