Added safety for transport!
Back Stop D4-23 ESD will only allow crates and goods to move along Roller Conveyors 6 40×40 E D30 ESD in one direction. This stops small load carriers (SLCs) from being pushed backwards in the material supply system.
Back Stops are a recommended addition for any transport frames fitted with roller conveyors. For example, they ensure inertial forces do not cause loads to slip off trolleys when they are moved around corners. Back Stop D4-23 ESD is electrostatically dissipative to protect sensitive electronic goods. It can be retrofitted and is simply clipped into the roller conveyor in the place of a roller element

  • Back Stop, PA, grey
  • Axle, St, stainless
  • Retaining plate, St, stainless

Back Stop D4-23 ESD - 0.0.684.33