Put your foot down and get going!
The item Jacking Castor D80 antistatic, with Foot Pedal combines a castor with a height-adjustable, non-slip knuckle foot. The foot pedal is used to lower or raise the castor without having to bend down. This means that mobile work benches or racks can be easily lifted out of their position and pushed to their next place of use.
Jacking Castors D80 come with an integrated connecting plate (140 x 110 mm – 0.0.684.37) that is fixed in place with four screws. The design with the protruding screw (0.0.684.36) is attached to an M12 thread.

Jacking Castor D80 ESD, with Foot Pedal - 0.0.684.36

  • Casing, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Wheel axle with ball bearing
  • Dust shield
  • Wheel body PA; tyre, TPU, 94 Sh A, grey
  • Knuckle Foot, St, bright zinc-plated; foot plate, TPU, 80 Sh A, black