Fast fixing and rapid release!
Clamp Lever Pi helps you fix accessories and machine parts firmly in place and then release them in next to no time.
This makes Slide Guides and Angle Locking Brackets even more user-friendly – and, thanks to the simple release mechanism for separating grip and insert, that applies to tight spaces, too.

The slender lever with its ergonomic, easy-to-grip shape and contrasting colored cap marks the Clamp Lever out as a member of the design award-winning operating elements Pi range from item.

Clamp Lever Pi 50 M5, white aluminum, similar to RAL 9006 - 0.0.684.63

  • Clamp Lever, die-cast zinc, white aluminum with threaded insert, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Compression spring, St
  • Cap, PA-GF, red