The Fastener D30 that can do so much more!
Fastener D30 T1 features an integrated and exceptionally robust anti-torsion feature made of aluminum. This ensures that Profile Tubes D30 are always arranged in precisely the orientation needed in right-angled structures. If required, the anti-torsion features can be broken off with a screwdriver so that Tubes D30, for example, can be secured in Fastener D30 T1.
Fastener D30 T1 also has a narrow gap along its side so you can always see how far a (Profile) Tube is inserted into the Fastener. That makes the job of inspecting frames much easier. It also means that Fastener D30 T1 can be used with Double Profile Tube D30-60, as the gaps at the side of the fastener halves accommodate the connecting web on the Profile Tube.
Made of die-cast aluminum, Fastener D30 T1 also uses exactly the same external clamping technology as Fastener D30. Both variants are designed for the same loads.


  • 2 fastener halves, die-cast Al, natural
  • Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw similar to DIN 912 M6x29.4, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Hexagon nut DIN 934 M6-8, St, bright zinc-plated

Fastener D30 T1 - 0.0.687.84