Everything under control!
Braking Roller Set D52-95 M6 ensures assemblies move steadily. Deceleration increases with speed so that the Braking Roller absorbs excess energy when the speed is too high.
The Braking Roller helps to reduce the mechanical strain on frames, transported goods and moving elements. For example, load changes during loading/unloading can lead to severe impacts and thus cause damage. When using the Braking Roller, moderately heavy containers and goods weighing up to 15 kg can be safely transported via lift systems or hatches, which improves process reliability.
The centrifugal weights inside the Braking Roller ensure that when the roller is turning slowly, the braking effect is very low and efficiency very high. Resistance only increases once a higher speed is reached, thereby generating stronger deceleration.
The Braking Roller has three grooves on the outside for routing cables around the Braking Roller. The spacing of these grooves makes it easy to ensure cables are routed in line with the positions of item deflection pulleys and spacers. Two redundant cables can also be run around a Braking Roller to further increase the safety of a Karakuri/LCA solution in line with the requirements for CE certification.
The necessary fastening elements are included in the scope of supply.

Braking Roller Set D52-95 M6 - 0.0.688.23

  • Braking Roller D52
  • 2 braking roller fixings, M6
  • 4 T-Slot Nuts V 8 St M6, bright zinc-plated
  • 4 Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws DIN 912 M6x14, St, bright zinc-plated