It doesn’t get any faster!
The item Screw Anchor can be used to fix machinery, stairways, guards and racks securely to the floor or walls. The Screw Anchor is installed directly into the sub-floor and doesn’t need any dowels or other filler materials, which saves time and work steps.
First, drill a suitable hole in the supporting sub-floor, then use an impact driver to fix the item Screw Anchor in place. The specially shaped tip and cutting edges at the side ensure optimum setting characteristics. The Screw Anchor even has ETA approval for cracked concrete. What’s more it can be unscrewed and removed, leaving no protruding contours in the floor when removing plant.
The Screw Anchor is available for floor and wall fixings that use screw sizes of ⌀6, ⌀8 and ⌀10.

Screw Anchor ST 8x85, bright zinc-plated - 0.0.689.07