Color boosts efficiency!
The easy-to-install item Slide Strips D30 come in seven different colors, which gives them a dual function – as low-friction profile protection on conveyor lines and color coding for frames.
Besides the usual black and grey, Slide Strips D30 also come in red, yellow, green, blue and orange.
This is a huge help for visual management, as different colors can be used to indicate the contents of a transport trolley. Workers can tell at a glance where rejects need to go and where finished products belong.
In contrast to the color Profiles D30, which are intended as permanent structures, Slide Strips D30 can be replaced in next to no time.
They are simply clipped onto a Profile Tube D30 or Profile 6 D30, are abrasion resistant and leave no traces when removed.
Colored strips can also be used to indicate fill levels in a FIFO system.Slide Strip D30

Slide Strip D30