Ergonomic data input!
The item Keyboard Shelf 8 either slots into a horizontal Line 8 groove or fits underneath the table top as a Pull-Out Keyboard Shelf.
Keyboard Shelf 8 and Pull-Out Keyboard Shelf feature an elastic wrist support that relieves arm strain so users can work comfortably.
The surface area is wide enough to easily fit a keyboard and mouse, providing a tidy and efficient working environment.

Pull-Out Keyboard Shelf - 0.0.691.26

  • Keyboard shelf profile, Al, anodized
  • Wrist support EPDM, PP, grey, similar to RAL 7042
  • 2 caps, PA-GF, grey similar to RAL 7042
  • Telescopic rails
  • 2 retaining plates, St, white aluminum similar to RAL 9006
  • Fastening materials

Pull-Out Keyboard Shelf is screwed into place at the optimum height underneath the table top, and can be fitted flush with the table edge under any item work bench.
The ball-bearing guided tray snaps into its end position for greater ease of use.