Flange D30 90×90-80 is the exceptionally strong floor fixing for lean frames.
The integrated fastener on the connecting plate encompasses the Profile Tube and resists strong displacement forces. The plate is bolted to a solid surface (floor, wall or steel beam).
Due to the high flexural strength of the Flange, it is strongly advised to use it with Profile Tube D30 heavy duty. The increased wall thickness stops the Profile Tube from bending.
The Flange is fixed in place using Floor-Fastening Set M8x95 (0.0.432.97). The distance between the fixing holes is the same as on Flange D30-90×90 (0.0.655.54).

Flange D30 90x90-80 - 0.0.696.05

  • Flange D30 90×90-80, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Grub screw DIN 913-M10x8, St, bright zinc-plated

In addition to the maximum load-carrying capacity of the Flange, it is important to take into account the load limits of the adjacent components in the construction.