The Castors for high speeds!
The D200 PU 140×110 series of Castors from item (Castor diameter: 200 mm) is suitable for transport tasks that need to be fast.
Tugger trains benefit from the damping action and abrasion resistance of the polyurethane tyres, with slight unevenness in floor surfaces accommodated internally.
The PU Castor range is intended for speeds of up to 16 km/h and includes Swivel Castors, Swivel Castors with double brake and Fixed Castors. The maximum load-carrying capacity of the Castors is around 600 kg. The operational load-carrying capacity is speed-dependent and has been tested to DIN EN 12532 and DIN EN 12533.
Thanks to the wide connecting plate with four holes, the Castors can be fastened directly to the grooves of the support frame.

Castor D200 PU swivel 140x110 - 0.0.697.83

  • Casing, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Wheel axle with ball bearing
  • Wheel body, Al
  • Tyre, PU, 75 Sh A, green