Working together!

Robot Mounting Plate 8 200x200 - 0.0.709.31
The item Mounting Plates 8 are perfect for integrating collaborative robots (cobots) into your working environment. Made of high-strength aluminium, the plates feature a pattern of holes for mounting on profiles and frames and come in versions that are predrilled for attaching widely used cobots and versions for custom machining.

Robot Mounting Plate 8 160×160 is prepared for the UR3e and UR5e cobots from Universal Robots and Fanuc CRX-5iA. The larger UR10e and UR16e models from Universal Robots, the CRX-10iA, CRX-10iA/L and CRX-20iA/L from Fanuc and the TM5, TM12, TM14, TM16 and TM20 models from Omron can be securely mounted on Robot Mounting Plate 8 200×200. The large central hole can be used for feeding through cables, if required.
Alternatively, you can drill your own custom pattern of holes in Universal Mounting Plates 8 160×160 and 200×200. This means you can also integrate other cobot and mechanical engineering applications into a bespoke solution.
Groove Plate X 8 40 (0.0.705.30) and Installation Column 8 160×160 K76 (0.0.663.39) offer ideal fastening surfaces.