Castors D80 swivel are suitable for mobile structures. They are resistant to most environmental influences and are particularly strong thanks to the high quality of materials used.
The specified carrying capacities are maximum values under ideal conditions, at walking speed (max. 4 km/h) and over smooth and flat surfaces. If the floor is uneven and weight badly distributed, you should assume that only 3 castors will be bearing the weight of the construction at any one time.
For areas where electronic components are present, the castors are also available with anti-static properties with special conductive tyres and fully conductive housings (may leave a track). The discharge resistance of the anti-static version is105 W.
Castors D80 swivel are secured axially using Connector D40 M10 axial and Countersunk Screws DIN 7991-M10x20.

  • Sheet-metal housing, stainless
  • Swivelling axis with ball bearing
  • Wheel axle with plain bearing
  • Dust shield
  • Tyres TPE, 85 Sh A, grey