The proven locking systems for Lines 5, 6 and 8 are now available in a new form. In the variant with escutcheon, the panel element has an anti-torsion feature for the locking system and the locking system itself is covered over to provide an attractive finish. In the variant with integrated grip, the escutcheon also serves as an ergonomic grip. There is no need for an additional grip/handle on the door.
Locking Systems with escutcheons/grips are fitted directly into the frameless panel element (thickness 1-8 mm) and lock the door in the profile groove that holds the nab. Use of an additional Door Rabbet or stop is recommended.
All variants of Locking Systems with escutcheons/grips are available for both left-hand and right-hand application (the right-hand option swings the locking bar in clockwise direction into a groove on the right of the door; the situation is reversed for the left-hand option). In addition to Cylinder Locks with keys identical, variants are also available with Double-Beard Locks.

Locking System 8, Double-Beard Lock with escutcheon, left-hand application - 0.0.619.64

  • Double-beard insert
  • Key, locking bar, nab
  • Notes on Use and Installation