• Casing
  • Steel cable ø 2.5 mm, St, stainless
  • Arrester mechanism: Steel cable ø 2 mm, St, stainless; steel cable clamp, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Spring hook, St
  • Wrench 30 A/F, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Notes on Use and Installation

Out of the way, but close to hand! Tool Balancers from item ensure tools are at the right height for employees to reach. When not required, the Tool Balancer automatically removes the tool from the immediate working area. Because the retraction force can be manually set, the Tool Balancer can be adjusted to perfectly match the weight of the tool. This takes a considerable amount of strain off employees who are working with heavy tools. An arrester mechanism is also included as standard.
Employees can customize any of the Tool Balancers to their reaching height using a screw-adjusted stopper. Useful accessories include Runway Profile 8 40×40 (0.0.623.61), Tool Slide 40×40 (0.0.653.41) and Spring Hook 80 D8 (0.0.619.70).