Twice the protection!
The elastic Protective Profile 8 40×16 ESD features hollow cavities and effectively absorbs impacts and other mechanical influences.
Protective Profile 8 40×16 R16 ESD also covers the outer radius of a Line 8 profile. Furthermore, the electrostatically dissipative polymer protects against static charging.
Protective Profiles are pressed into the Line 8 groove and several can be installed next to each other to protect larger areas. On the one hand, they offer crash protection for profiles and, on the other, they prevent transported goods and frames from being scratched. Unlike with foam, point loads do not result in permanent indentations on these profiles.
Elastic Caps cover the end faces of the Protective Profiles.Protective Profile 8 40x16 R16 ESD, black - 0.0.686.90
The Protective Profiles have a modular dimension of 40 mm.
Large cross-sections of Line 8 Profiles can be protected effectively by combining several Protective Profiles.

Protective Profile 8