• Casing, die-cast Al
  • Synthetic fibre cable ø 2 mm
  • Securing loop: Sheathed steel cable ø 2 mm, St, stainless; steel cable clamp, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Spring Hook, St, stainless
  • Notes on Use and Installation

Tool Balancer
They can do it all! Tool Balancers with a synthetic fibre cable are extremely tear-resistant and, unlike steel cables, can be easily guided over small pulleys. This makes them perfect for Karakuri/LCA/low-cost automation applications.
Tool Balancers automatically pull tools or moving components back to their starting position. The adjustable retraction force of the item Tool Balancers enables precision setting, which is essential for Karakuri/LCA solutions. Synthetic fibre cables exhibit a high degree of efficiency and can be re-routed easily over pulleys.
The Tool Balancers with synthetic fibre cables come in three designs with a retraction weight of 1-2 kg, 2-3 kg or 10-14 kg.