Precise movement on a Tube D30!
Roller Set 8 D30-30 features a double ball-bearing mounted roller with a contour that matches (Profile) Tubes D30. This makes it ideal for guiding carriages, counterweights and cables with low friction over a profile frame.
Roller D30/D6-16 is extremely robust and features two ball bearings that help it run quietly, precisely and with low friction. Friction changes only minimally with load. This helps you design strong carriages that use a D30 profile for guidance. In Karakuri/LCA applications, Roller Set 8 D30-30 can be used to create moving components that don’t require a separate guide profile because any (Profile) Tube D30 can be used instead.
The preassembled Roller Set with T-Slot Nut 8 can be fitted to a Profile Tube 8 D30 or any Line 8 system groove in next to no time. The Spacer Bushings are designed to ensure adequate clearance between the structural profiles and the carriage. The carriage can be built very simply, using Profile Tubes 8 D30.
Roller D30/D6-16 and Spacer Bushing D17/D6-12 are also available separately for custom applications. They are fastened using M6 screws in an item Multiblock D30, for example.
Spacer Bushing D17/D6-12 can be used to set the height of the carriage via the roller. To achieve larger distances, use several Bushings, one on top of the other. During installation, it is important to ensure the collar on the Spacer Bushing is always facing toward the ball bearing of the Roller.

Spacer Bushing D17/D6-12 - 0.0.681.67