Pull-Out Keyboard Shelf - 0.0.691.26

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Discover this week’s hot product, the Pull-Out Keyboard Shelf ideal for efficiency, ergonomics, and organization with the item Work Bench Systems.
Bundle 1: Basic Karakuris

Bundle 1 – Basic Karakuris

Simple, fast, and easy to assemble: these Karakuri systems are focused on Kaizen and continuous improvement principles, as well as intralogistics. Frequently used for improving material handling and process flow; for example, these systems integrate cleanly with an AMR to move materials from warehouse to production lines via an automatic frontal transfer release.

Bundle 2: Intermediate I Level Karakuris

It’s all about the details: these Karakuri systems involve more mechanisms to focus on the same Kaizen and continuous improvement principles as the Basic level Mini-Karakuri systems. Intermediate I systems are frequently used to improve ergonomic concerns, material handling systems, and bring material to new heights using vertical movement.

Bundle 2 – Intermediate Level I
Bundle 3: Intermediate Level II

Bundle 3: Intermediate II Level Karakuris

For more experienced lean professionals and those advancing their knowledge, these Mini-Karakuri systems focus on vertical movement. Improve material handling and continuous improvement by considering the Y axis, with these Karakuri systems designed to optimize vertical movement and space for storage and supply.

Bundle 4 – All Mini-Karakuris

Bundle 4 – All Mini-Karakuris